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An Optimistic Insight (which we desperately need.)

Yes, times are tough right now. 2018 hasn't been the year of the bull we all expected it to be. Our rocket ship to the moon is seemingly sputtering, running out of oxygen and fuel. It's been a quarter where of all of us are desperately clutching our portfolios, while we watch our coins dip deeper and deeper into the sea of blood red. 50... 60... 70... 80 percent losses. FUD is at an all-time high. Regulations are scary. Every single exchange is being hacked these days. Some of us have ignored it, turned off the ol' crypto machine, and stepped away in the "Pursuit of HODLING". Some of us have failed that journey because we took out 2nd mortgages and delved into seriously unpayable credit card debt to "get rich quick" with this thing that was supposed to take off to the moon overnight. Dollar cost averaging? TTM Squeezes? Never heard of those, but I bought Bitcoin at 20k, where are my returns? (I'd put a /s, but there is probably someone reading this who is in this position.)
However, I promised an "optimistic insight" here. The pure, unadulterated fact is that we, as a community of equal-part investor, equal-part financial revolution enthusiast, needed this purge to happen. The market (broadly speaking), once fueled by blind optimism and hope, viewed Bitcoin as nothing more than a "not-so-well-kept" secret lottery ticket, and nothing more. Ask a friend or relative (one of which you don't incessantly complain to that Cardano hasn't moved in weeks) and they likely think of Bitcoin as a "get rich quick scheme" where blockchains and Binance are novel buzzwords, and people are losing their houses because they believed Bitcoin was the answer. Just one look at the YouTube comments on most crypto-related videos, and you see that mentality manifest itself:
"Didn't Bitcoin die in 2017?" "Bitcoin was a bubble." "whoa.. Is Bitcoin the new Crossfit?" <-- literally just found this. Pure gold.
So where is this "optimistic insight"?
We know better. That's literally it. We're smarter more informed than the average public of headline reading, bite-sized news digesting simpletons know-it-alls. They couldn't care less about reading into blockchain technology, TPS advancements, or the "thrill" of finding out what the SEC will classify our funds as. We are armed with so many resources right now to DYOR, but the problem is we're looking in the same places that the average Joe gets his news. Death and destruction everywhere. Investors lay as carnage, wasted to the beast of the bear market. Cointelegraph is literally Buzzfeed/TMZ for crypto. Cancerous. There is so, so, so, so, so much more to be excited about in the future for this technology. We all know it - but the public has no idea. Yet.
Whether you're here lurking for financial advice, or perhaps you're the creator of insert your coin's name here (Hi, Charlie!) We all desperately want to see this bear market turn around. However, it's important to keep in mind what is in our control and what isn't. 99% of us (if not 100%) don't own nearly enough of the market to decide its fate - and there's a certain sense of relief to knowing that it is, in every fiscal sense, completely out of our hands. What is in our control, is finding out what our coins and tokens are up to, getting excited, getting people excited about the projects that they're undertaking. Don't be the "I-told-you-so" crypto-know-it-all. Be an evangelist for the great things we're doing. Partnerships are being made almost daily at this point. Take a good, hard look at your portfolio and adjust accordingly - because I promise you, when this bear market is over, the coins that continued to persevere and move forward and get the people pumped about their advancements will make the 2017 bull run look like child's play. This technology is far too important for the future of our world for it not to. I'm not saying we're going to topple the governments, banks are going to surrender to crypto and claim insolvency, beg us crypto-holders for forgiveness... etc, you get the picture. That may be your focal reason for investing - but it's not the time for that. Right now, blockchain technology is the right idea at the wrong time - and that's fine. If you're reading this at any point in 2018, congrats. You're still here as an early adopter. Yes, it may not seem this way during the hellacious bear run we've come across - but soak up every discount you can find. They won't last long.
The future is only waiting for the "big" players to realize the revolution we are starting, but that starts with us realistically embracing what we're endorsing. A future exists where walking into Walmart or Starbucks and paying with insert your favorite coin here is a reality. It may seem far away, but that's the whole point of being an early adopter. Embody the change you want to see in the world.
The returns will follow shortly thereafter.
tl;dr - don't worry, be happy and DYOR.
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